Get More Butterflies In The Garden

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t agree, that butterflies are beautiful. They come in such a vast array of fluttering colours that pop up and disappear amongst the flowers. With such a short lifespan these beautiful creatures carry an aura of preciousness. So much so that there is something magical about their appearance in the garden. In this article we will discuss how and why you should attract more butterflies in the garden.

They’re beautiful but what do they actually do for our garden?

They bring happiness and joy

Butterflies are a sign of beautiful abundance and thriving wildlife in the garden. Watching them develop from eggs to caterpillars to the opening of their chrysalis, can be an exciting time for children and adults alike.

They are perfect pollinators

Butterflies will feed on the nectar of even the tiniest flowers in the smallest of gardens. They will pollinate across many species of plant and flower which helps to maintain abundance of flora in the garden. In turn this maintains food for and encourages other creatures such as ladybirds, which feed on aphids.

They help us monitor and measure eco-system sufficiency

The presence of butterflies and their variety can show us a lot about how an eco-system is functioning. Butterflies are food for a variety of creatures from frogs to bats. Their presence can bring on the appearance of other beneficial creatures and their decline can indicate that something is wrong or missing.

How to get more butterflies in the garden


Plants are key. Different butterflies are attracted to different plants. Knowing which plants butterflies generically like as well as those specific to different species of butterfly can be useful.

Butterflies need water. A water source such as a container of water, or a pond or water feature is ideal. Placing a pebble that sits just above the waters surface will give the butterflies and other insects somewhere to perch to drink so they do not drown. Providing a little sugar water can help to attract them in times when flowers are not at their full bloom.

Human Behaviour

We can help by refusing to use pesticides in the garden, that have the ability to kill butterflies and by making a conscious effort to maintain and work with ecosystems rather than against them.

Leaving out some fallen fruit from trees can provide food that some butterflies will love you for.

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