A Special Message

from eks founder, Kayleigh

BSC(Hons) HCHS, SAC Dip Biochem

All my life my family has been involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. Some of my favourite childhood memories are of feeding a tortoise strawberries in the beautiful garden my mum had designed and laboured over by herself. I grew up with the sensation that a home is never really a home without A LOT of animals, and throughout my life, I had a lot of them!

This then began to reflect on my natural surroundings, wildlife. How could I nurture an environment that would attract more wildlife into my garden. I found happiness in the small things, ladybirds appearing to eat the aphids which fed on the plants, the chaotic journey of ants as they seek out food, the weeds that would grow through the cracks in the pavement that man had tried to subdue them in. It became my escape from what was a very chaotic and fast paced lifestyle working in the modelling and beauty industry.

It was then I really started pushing to pursue more equilibrium in my life, discovering that happiness is peace and that’s when I discovered Permaculture and I found myself along the way.

QUALIFICATIONS (Science Related):

  • BSc (Honours) Healthcare & Health Science
  • SAC Dip. Biochemistry
  • SNHS Dip. Master Herbalist
  • DS Dip. Scientific Botanical Illustration
  • ICF Dip. Master Formulator in Cosmetic Chemistry
  • OC Entrepreneurship: Herbal & Cosmetic Products

Publications: WORLDWIDE

Experience: Kayleigh has been published all over the world for a variety of pursuits. Kayleigh was hailed as an industry innovator in leading magazines for developing one of the first vegan nailcare lines to hit the professional market.

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  1. MONETARY DONATIONS to our small projects (current ones are listed below) this can be as small as you like 50p / £1 /£25 / £500+ it all helps.
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2. PRODUCT DONATIONS such as garden tools or equipment, seeds, wildlife supplies, craft, DIY, Animal supplies. Please note we can only accept items in new condition

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4. TIME If you have some time on your hands and skills you think might be relevant we would love to hear from you, you could end up helping us to Raise Funds (digitally or in-person), Connect with businesses to create cool partnerships, Create content for our Blogs/Social Media, Help us physically with community and conservation projects, possibilities are endless.

What we are currently fundraising for

If you are making a donation in 2023 it will be gratefully distributed amongst one or all of these current projects

EKS Online Fund

This is the software and vital subscription services we need and use to run our website; as well as the tools and equipment we need to provide educational content.

Conservation Projects

All of the above except the reforestation program. This includes supporting animals in our care which currently include wildlife, birds, rabbits and tortoises.

Education Centre (online)

Our dreams to have an in-person education centre come at a huge expense so we are working small and building up with an online distance learning academy.