All about us

Earth Kind Sanctuary started out as a path to a better mindset. To a life less-stressed. To a place more content.

It became an animal and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre. Rehabilitating over 40 unwanted and neglected animals and uncountable numbers of wildlife in just 7 years. Then from it grew a reforestation project helping hundreds of people plant trees around the world, and supporting 5 projects in 4 countries. To date it’s become an education centre and wellbeing hub for the sharing of information around the subjects of permaculture, self-sufficiency and a more nature-based way of life. Our long term goal is simple: To create the ultimate place of sanctuary, a haven for people, plants and wildlife to live in harmony.

Our Ethos is to inspire others to live a more earth friendly and satisfying lifestyle focusing on creating and leaving an abundance rather then taking away resources and leaving waste., We believe this can all be done through permaculture, sustenance farming and self-sufficiency. Through this website we hope to share some of these amazing techniques with you.

In short we’re here to show you some of the cool stuff we have learned that we think you will fall in love with too and we would love to have you by our side following along with our journey , with the hope that it will inspire you to find a place that you can call sanctuary too.

So catch a breathe and come and explore the natural world with us! We are currently a voluntary non-profit organization. We hope to change this soon.

Fancy collaborating?

Why not check out the credentials of Earth Kind Sanctuary’s British Founder, Kayleigh.

Need a guest speaker? A pop-up partner on your podcast or radio station? A part-time presenter on your Television show? An expert to collab with on your next book? Someone to review your content or products? Want help with writing an article on a specific topic? Looking for someone with an interesting story to tell? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to promote or expose your services?

Pop on over to the collaborations page (link below) and download her media kit for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Vegan?
We don’t like to label ourselves, we wouldn’t class ourselves as vegan or eco-warriors even though a lot of our activity and content supports those labels. We do consume meat because we believe in a permaculture system that uses animals and we disagree with waste. We hope that our followers are as open to understanding our ideals and life choices as we are to the vegan lifestyle. You will find lots of vegan-focused content on our website as well as many of our products being vegan. We find value in veganism being just as beneficial to the environment as permaculture.

Do you have a physical centre?
Not yet but we are working on it for sure! For the past five years we have been working heavily on a sustainable permaculture farm sanctuary plan, which will offer respite and refuge to people and nature a like. We will soon be posting info on how you can help us with that! If you’

Are you a charity?
Although we don’t consider ourselves a charity most of the proceeds from our activities go towards helping others in need as well as our own fundraising activities and projects. One year alone we put 100% of the profits from our shop into our reforestation project. In the future we hope that our followers will see our efforts and be open to helping us raise funds for some of our own projects.

I’d like to donate to your cause, where can I do that?
We appreciate your kind offer, you can contact us directly to discuss. From time to time we post about fundraising opportunities in our newsletter so please subscribe via the numerous forms around the site.

‘In a world where you can be anything. be kind’