Fine Art With A Heart

Art that funds and raises awareness for conservation. you can find a range of originals, prints and merch in our shop or request a commission (botanical or portrait inc. animals!) Working with all mediums from oil pencils to pastel, graphite and watercolour. special Collections are released annually for collectors.

About the Artist

Kayleigh once got told she couldn’t get into college to study art because she didn’t have an address due to youth homelessness. Later she became a badass tattoo artist and an incredible special FX makeup artist, got a science degree with honours without going to college and self studied her own way to become an exemplary fine artist and teacher of art to anyone willing to learn. Today she paints and draws for conservation and to raise awareness and funds for those in difficult circumstances such as animals on the verge of extinction as well as her own permaculture project.

“You can feel bitter about your adversities or you can use them to propel you to become a better person than those who put those adversities in your path”. Kayleigh Dunne


Commission prices are competitive and worked out based on the amount of time and cost of fine art materials used. Please note we use lightfast museum quality materials that will last several lifetimes. Occasionally we will have special offers on commission orders advertised on our social media pages. It is worth checking for the best pric

We are currently CLOSED for commissions. Check back regularly to see when we are open again.

Scroll to bottom of page for the commission form and frequently asked questions.


Submit several photos for review and quote. Once accepted you will need to confirm that you understand the process and terms.


Work starts when a 40% deposit is paid. You will receive digital progress images during the sketch stage for feedback.


Low resolution digital images of finished work is sent for signing off and the rest of the funds is due to be paid before shipping.


Original artwork is sent via recorded delivery pre-mounted ready for you to frame. Photos and feedback greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚


Commission Form

If you have a question about a commission, even if we are currently closed for commissions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below. Commissions can take a while to complete and we only do a a set number a year, so the sooner you enquire the quicker we can find a slot for you.

Commission times are hugely dependent on the size of the commission. A large piece will take much longer than a smaller piece. Smaller pieces can take just a couple of weeks much larger pieces could take a few months. Due to other commitments and ongoing commissions, it’s important to let us know as soon as you are interested in getting a commission done so we can give you a realistic timeframe . Sometimes it might not be possible to accept all requests, but if you let us know we will try our best to avoid disappointment.

YES! Shipping is included for all commissions. Packaging options may vary dependent on method of transportation, this will be discussed upon completion of artwork.

Prices are based on the size of artwork, length of time and amount of materials used. A 40% deposit is required up front to cover the cost of materials. The amount of this will depend on the overall price of the commission.

PASTEL PORTRAIT: £145 – £350

Example: 40% of £145 = £58

So that would be one deposit of £58

and one further payment of £87 to complete.


But we would recommend 10″x8″ Pastel Drawing for £185 in most cases for a single subject, for realism in colour. We have found this to be a good size for getting enough detailing and not too big that it becomes too expensive. The cat drawing above is a 10×8 pastel drawing for reference.

When you put in a request we will send you all the material, size and price options and we will put all the details on this website soon as well as more examples of artwork.

Please drop a message via the form below to discuss your preferred method of payment.

We would hope that you would choose us for your commission because you like our work. We make an effort to maintain contact through the preliminary sketch phases to give our clients the opportunity to make us aware of anything they do not like. We take a deposit to cover materials which allows us to start the work, which is non refundable and offer clients the chance to review finished artwork before the rest of payment. We do not post artwork until full payment is complete and hope that our clients will be pleased at this point with our labour which is not covered by the deposit. Artwork is signed off by the client and shipped via recorded delivery, so there will be no refunds after dispatch. Clients can of course choose not to make final payment but they will not receive any artwork nor will they receive a refund of a deposit. This is because we would have put in a lot of energy, time and materials into working on your commission and given ample time for you to request adjustments on the work. So far we have never had this happen though and we want everyone to love their commissions!

If the form doesn’t work please email your request to [email protected]